Big Rig Jig: By Mike Ross, this sculpture stands 50 feet tall and uses two real big rigs, manipulated to do the impossible.

Marilyn Monroe: By J. Seward Johnson, this 26 foot-tall statue of Marilyn in her iconic pose from Seven Year Itch was originally located in Chicago, but moved to California in 2012.

Metamorphosis: By David Cerny, this moving sculpture is located in North Carolina and weighs 14 tons.

entateuque: By Fabien Merelle, this statue was in Hong Kong and was modeled after the artist himself completing an unbelievable task.

Planet: By Marc Quinn, this sculpture in Singapore was based off his then 7 month-old son. It weighed 7 tons.

Giant R2-D2: By Access Agency, these giant LEGO sculptures brought out the kids in all of us. They also made Darth Vader and The Smurfs.

Remind: By Vibeke Nørgaard Rønsbo, this giant message in a bottle was part of the “Sculpture by the Sea” exhibition.

Guns: By David Cerny, this Czech artwork was supposed to illustrate the fruitlessness of violence.

Giant Yellow Teddy Bear: By Urs Fischer, this was on display in NYC in 2011. It was made of bronze and stood over 23 feet tall

Bad Dog: By Richard Jackson, this sculpture is outside of the Orange County Museum of Art. Bad puppy.